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Martina Kucerova

Resort Photographer

I worked for Lime photography for two seasons.

It wasn’t easy but It gave me a lot. Besides good money, I got incredible experiences with photography.

My dream was to work as a wedding photographer and the skills I got in this job were priceless.

I learned how to work with people, especially with groups, how to shoot fast and focused and much more.

It was a great start for my own photo business back in my home country.

Juliana Negreanu

Resort Photographer

A wonderful summer!

Working with Maria and Dimitris was a real pleasure, not only from the perspective of the work itself and the professionalism shown, they are also very warm and welcoming people, they make you feel at home, treat you as an equal, as a part of their wonderful family. 

Working with them I learned a lot about photography, important notions that I still use today, for which others pay lots of money to learn.

We had fun together, spending the evening on the veranda, drinking our morning coffee together as a team and sometimes we would go on a trip to discover Rhodes, a superb island that has much to offer, they even took us scuba diving and snorkelling where we took underwater photos.

To keep it short, it was a summer rich in learning, filled with unique moments that I am grateful for and I thank them for the beautiful memories that I will always keep in my heart. Maria and Dimitris keep being the same warm, beautiful people, you are wonderful. Kisses to Veda.

Ogi Jelev

Resort Photographer

Great company and people

My experience at Lime Photography has been amazing!

The atmosphere at Lime is something you won’t find anywhere else and Maria & Dimitris care about you and your success. It is a great environment to be in and I absolutely loved working here as a resort photographer.

Being part of the team, I had the chance to meet people from all around the world. It helped me learn photography, improved my customer-facing, selling and time management skills. 

On top of that, I had a great time enjoying delicious Greek food, culture and met amazing people.

Happy to call Maria and Dimitris not only my boss but friends!

Gabriela Rebresova

Junior Photographer

To work as a photographer was one of my dreams which came true!

I had a chance to work with amazing people from whom I learned a lot not only about photography itself but as well about myself.

During the period that I’ve spent in Greece I met a lot of interesting people and some became friends.

So if you’re interested in photography and you’re a nice person, Lime Photography is for you!

Ahmad Ebrahimi

Resort Photographer

When I started working with the Lime Photography team I didn’t expect that it would be one of the best job experiences that I ever had.

They were fun, professional and friendly, so I never felt bored working with them. And as part of the job on our free days we explored the beautiful island of Rhodes.

Also, the resort photographer job itself is very interesting, meeting new people from all over the world, making new friends.

Capturing the funniest, happiest and greatest moments of people living with their loved ones, and knowing that your photos will travel all over the world and the moments that you captured will be with next generations and one day it will be a part of history.

Charlie Freeman

Resort Photographer

Working for Lime Photography has been a truly fantastic experience both professionally and personally.

It’s difficult to emphasise the degree to which this job allowed me to develop my photography skills both due to the fact that you get to shoot every day in some stunning locations, as well as the photography experience and tips that both Maria and Dimitris are always happy to share.

They really helped me develop my skills in guiding clients through shoots in a way that allows me to get consistent results and make it a fun experience even for people that are uncomfortable in front of a camera. 

Beyond this, I also drastically improved my skills in sales and public speaking which were two things that before this job I did not believe I would ever be comfortable with.

On top of all of that, I have been able to spend my summers in Greece meeting interesting people and making lifelong friendships. 

I couldn’t recommend the job enough. Both Maria and Dimitris are lovely people and a pleasure to work for.

Daniel Darghici

Action / Sports Photographer

With your help, I discovered photography and the details that make it interesting through the photographic lens and the emotion that a well-shot frame can make a family go “woooow!!” while looking at themselves in your photos.

In the period of time I’ve spent with you, because I can’t call it work, I experimented with a lot of new things from sleeping under the sky on a beach to watching the meteor shower to evenings spent together at a table telling stories about the most interesting and intriguing events at work. I can definitely say that next to you guys I met people who over time turned from strangers to close friends.

Not to mention… in Rhodes I discovered that I love the Sea and the Gyros, the best one being the Sunday morning one after clubbing, that’s the life after work a bit of fun it’s a must.

How did I discover that I love the Sea? I always felt that being in the water was my element, but there I had the chance to experience it at another level. This part was about creating amazing memories while having a summer job, but feeling like a tourist.

On some days we were assigned to go along on a daily trip with guests from the hotel. We got to enjoy the same things as them, while we were getting paid for it. We were cruising with a lovely “pirate” boat, jumping in the sea to take underwater photos and the most interesting part was the fact that I was capturing the picture in a funny way, swimming under them.

They would not expect that someone would pass under them so there was a wow factor to it. In the days when I had spare time, I loved going to Anthony Quinn Bay, the colour of the sea there is like from the movies, so beautiful that it can’t be described in words, you need to see it to get the feeling.

In Rhodes, you can easily find a tranquillity oasis where you can discover the sea and its depths. I would go snorkelling every time I had the chance, I remember, I would go to an almost empty beach next to which there was a taverna and after that, I’d have a great coffee.

We would race each other to see which ones of us could get closer to the sea bottom. We were the tourists as well as the photographers. So chill!

Overall, it was and stays with me as an extremely pleasurable experience, it’s worth every minute, every second.

How did I improve with your help… well… lots and lots, but I will mention the one or two that I believe made me a better person.

Photography, wow, I had no idea how to hold a camera in my hand and by the end of the first season, I was one of the most popular photographers in the resort.

Communication, I wasn’t that bad at communicating, but a bit shy I could say I was. You helped me unlock a different approach to many situations that helped me evolve and that I am still using till now.

In closing, I would like to thank you for all your efforts, for the chances you gave me and for the trust I got from you.

Martin Mlaka

Resort Photographer

I made incredible lifelong friends while working in Rhodes and this job was a great foundation for my later work as a cruise ship photographer.

I still miss driving along the coast during those summer mornings.

Konstadina Karastathi

Resort Photographer

I worked for two seasons with Lime Photography.

Maria and Dimitris are people that enjoy photography, they are animal lovers and care about their employees.

They helped me adjust to Rhodes, to the hotel photographer job and to become a better photographer.

I improved my communication skills and became better at sales (something that helped me a lot in my following jobs) and most important of all is that this job gave me a ticket to get employed by Royal Caribbean in their photography department.

Thanks to Maria, I became very selective, now I reject a lot of pictures to choose 1 from 100.

Morgan Jones

Junior Photographer

The opportunity to work and live out in the beautiful island of Rhodes is a memory I will never forget.

On arrival I was welcomed to the Lime Photography family with open arms, feeling extremely welcomed and settled straight away, the lovely Maria ran down what my typical day would look like featuring photographing talented sailors to intense tennis games.

I was lucky enough to work on different resorts allowing me to meet new people and see different parts of Rhodes. Within my time I met many wonderful people and have made lifelong friends, to whom I still chat with regularly to this day.

Not only did this line of work enhance my practical knowledge and allow me to use my new given experience to land further jobs within this industry but it also gave me valuable life experience and lessons that still follow me through life.

Overall the Incredible 6 months spent in Rhodes was something I will never ever forget and would jump at the chance to do it again!

Magdalena Kmieciak

Resort Photographer

When I came to work for Lime Photography I’ve already had quite good experience as fashion photographer in London .

I thought coming to Rhodes will be more like a fun summer work experience rather then something to gain knowledge from . I couldn’t be more mistaken ! Well I was right about fun part! 

Lime Photography thought me more technical knowledge then years working in UK . Even though I joined the team quite late and didn’t have entire training I’ve learned within few days skill set I used for years after that .

Maria is an incredible teacher !!!!!Both with her husband Dimitri are brilliant at what they do , very professional. The company structure is advanced and thoughtful . They found perfect balance in how to motivate their staff to do better , gain more for the company and themselves at the same time learn and have wonderful time!

I had the most amazing summer, learned more then I’ve asked for . I’ve met amazing people with whom everyday work was like hanging out with besties ! At the same time it was competitive enough to feel it’s work / career move rather then summer playground.

At this job you can develop multiple skills . From photography to sales / selling techniques and customer service , micro management etc  – long list!

Maria & Dimitri are wonderful people who know thin line between being supervisors and friends . They organised amazing team gatherings , excursions etc . Always helpful, I’ve felt looked after from day one !

I would DEFINITELY do it again ! Absolutely loved the entire experience ! 

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